Heera Digital Gold Is Coming Worldwide

Heera Digital Gold Is Coming Worldwide

Since the pandemic’s beginning, almost the entire world has shifted into the digital medium. The market has been digitized almost entirely. At this important juncture of digitization, no company would want to lose the opportunity of entering the booming digital market. Hence, the founder and CEO of Heera Group of Companies, Nowhera Shaik, declared this August that her company would be launching the Heera Digital Gold in the national and international market. Her group has already expanded itself extensively in jewellery, Gold, textiles, real estate, to name a few. With the launch of digital gold, the company would also enter the digital market.

What is Heera Digital Gold?

In the last decade or so, when companies have expanded their base in the online platform, Nowhera Shaik and her company, the Heera Group, also shifted their focus on the digital mode. Gold, which has a high value in the market and is also considered sacred among some traditions, was always a part of the business of Shaik’s Company. She had started her business career with the foundation of a gold trading business. This digital Gold enables the users to pay others with the same value as that of physical Gold. As the pandemic has brought pressure on debts in business, people can use them as a much safer asset.

Why invest in Heera Gold?

Heera Group–the synonym of trusts purchased equivalent physical Gold and stores it in secure vaults when you invest in it. The company has affordable rates and excellent facilities as well as top-graded services.
People can buy not only digital Gold but also silver and platinum.
One can invest in the digital Gold launched by the Heera Group from E-wallets such as Paytm, Google Pay, and others.
People can invest as low as 100 rupees in this.
People can sell digital Gold on whichever platform they want.
People can also exchange this digital Gold for physical Gold or bars.
It is safe, as buying and storing physical Gold is risky these days.