Heera Group enters Good Times

Heera Group enters Good Times

The bad times for the people are finally fading away. The Global pandemic situation is getting under control while the virus is being eradicated. The economic condition in different places are still suffering but all things will be. A wind of change is blowing across the country and with the wind of change the landscape of India is going to change totally. The change is due to a unique woman of her kind and a carefully arranged team of amazing people who are working day and night for the betterment of India and the people. It is the All-Indian Mahila Empowerment Party. 

Best Arrangement

Dr. Nowhera Shaik has already been a person who’s very much strict regarding the choice of people for her party. The party was formed with the idea in mind that it should be there for the development of women and children in the country. Thus people who are serious and dedicated get the chance to enter her party. It is thus a serious matter if the national president of one of the fastest developing parties chooses you as a warrior for her regiment. Recently one person became special when Dr. Nowhera Shaik invited her as a member of her regiment.

The Inclusion

Mr. Mohammed Iftakhar Shariff is a renowned person in Karnataka. He got the recognition he deserved when Dr. Nowhera Shaik appointed him as the Karnataka State Working President. He has expressed his appreciation for the president for choosing himself over several other candidates and he’s very much happy for getting this position in the party he has taken the oath to get to the extent of serving the people of Karnataka. The state being itself a significant one for the country in several ways is an important working sector for the party. And getting the opportunity to serve as the main presiding man over there is a challenging one. Everyone is happy while Dr. Nowhera Shaik leads the party to a bright future. 

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