Heera Group – From Scratch to the Sky!

When Heera Group initially started its journey with little effort by Nowhera Shaik, she had to face a lot of troubles from all sides. She was mocked for attempting to reach higher goals and subjected to a lot of insults as she considered out-of-the-box ideas for her business. Many believed that Heera Group would not even stay for a few months, and she proved everyone wrong. Nowhera Shaik changed her life with her impeccable efforts.
Due to some false allegations on Nowhera Shaik, Heera Group had taken a temporary pause, and it started its operation in full swing from August 1st, 2021. A piece of great news for the upcoming year is the launch of the Heera Digital Gold open for international trade on a worldwide platform. Also, on the same day, they are opening a new branch of Heera Mart in Kukatpally, Telangana, India. In addition to this, Heera Mart is also available in Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Heera Group has a prevalent business worldwide such as Heera Textiles, Heera Foodex, Heera Gold Exim, Heera Hajj & Umrah, Heera Gold Exports China, Heera Jewellers, Heera Pure Drop (Mineral Water), Heera Fin Capital, Heera Building Material, Heera Electronics, Heera Fancy world,
Heera Tours and Travels, Heera Food Bazar, Heera Developers, Heera Granite, Heera Marts, Heera Export and import, Heera Trading Etc.
Nowhera Shaik, the absolute threshold force behind the upliftment, has always been the ‘the jigsaw solver’ person. Hardly anyone knows that she is the mother figure of 1001+ orphans whose entire responsibilities are driven by her. She firmly believes in secularism, a safe and acceptable society for all.
Nowhera Shaik is one of India’s most influential and wealthiest women and has widespread experience in international trade, the global Gold market, marketing skills, and business developments.