Honesty never fails – Heera Group is a proof to it

Honesty never fails – Heera Group is a proof to it

The Heera Group of companies is in transition nowadays. All the bad times have been overcome and today they are going to have the best time of their existence. All the credit goes to the selflessness and honesty of Dr. Nowhera Shaik who have always believed that the morale she has kept faith in for years can’t be wrong. They have asked the highest form of Justice in India, the Supreme Court to release all of their properties that have been taken into seize by them. The court seized them to verify the company and when they have been cleared, they still not giving back the properties.

The Company Strength

The company are ready to produce an amount to satisfy the debt of all the investors who are left to be paid once their properties are released by the court. The situation wouldn’t have worsened if the TSFSL would have produced data for the court. Their inability to do so has made the court announce that the SFIO and Heera Group must collaborate to find the data of every claimant. For the purpose, they are hiring former officials of the finance department.

Celebration of Selflessness

The data files are taken into consideration and accordingly, the claimers are being paid by the company. New applications of claimants stating their payment procedure have not started are not entertained as it was stated in the membership file that all the investors unwilling to continue their membership must return all the receipts and documents to the company to avoid any inconvenience. The company has already decided on the amount to satisfy the claims. They have their expensive property in Toli chowki which is worth nine hundred crores! The company has nine hundred crores ready with them to return the claimed amount. The party’s honesty is winning as the leader Dr. Nowhera Shaik is smiling with the win of her morale.

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