Nowhera Shaik: The superior lady!!

Nowhera Shaik: The superior lady!!

The very epitome of a person carrying a heart of gold, Nowhera Shaik is a salient entrepreneur with heavy moralistic ideas. She’s also a politician who has given herself to the social welfare of women. Apart from these, she is the one who brought about a miraculous revolution in the entrepreneurship world in our country with the creation of The Heera Group of Companies. Her kind attitude and big-hearted nature towards her workers and her elegant humbleness towards every individual as a whole are spellbinding to anyone!
It can be said with utmost certainty that she is a woman who believes in herself the most than any other individual can ever. Besides building a big-hearted dream project, The Heera Group of Companies which earns in trillions, she also made her political party the All India Mahila Empowerment Party which is solely devoted to helping women to achive their rights. Recently, the election committee acknowledged her and awarded her the emblem of “Diamond” as in “Heera”. This too was one of her dreams come true.

The Supremacy of Heera Group:

Over 25,000 individuals are employed by the Heera Group of Companies. Without Nowhera Shaik’s eleemosynary nature, these lives would be unemployed. Thinking of how many families are getting fed every day, truly is astonishing. Only through business ethnicities and ideologies, one cannot climb the ladder to their career graph. Nowhera Shaik’s moral integrity, perpendicularity, and honesty towards her clients make her a Quincy entrepreneur. She has always remained true to her customers and herself. Never has she ever used her customers to gain her profits, never has she ever betrayed them or scammed them. To her, her customers and her supporters are her Almighty! She has and will always put her customers over her priorities.

Extreme Exertion of AIMEP towards womankind:

We live in a society where the woman would be scrutinized and then criticized for their aspirations. They are passed upon as judgments and mocked. Recently these women are able to do a lot better because of the existence of AIMEP which give their best efforts towards our women to achieve freedom and be themselves.