Nowhera Shaikh: Great lady Philanthropist of India

Nowhera Shaikh: Great lady Philanthropist of India

Nowhera Shaikh: Great lady Philanthropist of India 

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Dr Nowhera Shaikh, founder and CEO of Heera Group of Companies, The most noted philanthropist of India. Her contribution to the education sector as well as the welfare of women is a precedent for future generation leaders. But the same person has been a victim of conspiracy for a long time now. 

Dr Shaikh started her company from scratch. We all know how difficult it is to make it big in a partial world without any backing. Moreover if you are a woman with ambitions to be an entrepreneur. The daughter of a family with a very modest background. It was even more difficult for her to establish herself in a conservative Muslim society. But she overcame all that with perseverance and hard work.

Her goal has always been to make this society a better place for women and vulnerable groups. She has financed the education of many girls, established educational institutions and actively worked to empower her fellow women. She did all this with the sheer goodness of her heart. This was the very reason for her to start her own political party, the All India Mahila Empowerment Party. She realized the necessity of better representation of women in Indian legislation. 

Not only great philanthropist of India but also the strong lady faced so much of hardship

She started her flagship programme Heera Gold Scheme to give the common and marginalised people an opportunity to invest and get good returns, to enable them to lead a life of dignity. But her political rivals did not have the same heart as hers. So they did what they do best. They made up a false case and framed the Heera Group of Companies, claiming that the female philanthropist is running a scam. The botched investigation, constant conspiracy, spreading propaganda to harm her hard-earned reputation, her rivals have done it all. But what they couldn’t do was to kill the honesty and hope of the iron lady Nowhera Shaikh. Her resilience would never let her back down, not when her supporters and well wishes are still standing with her. Dr Sheikh would come out of this storm stronger than ever.

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