Nowhera’s update for her well-wishers!

Nowhera’s update for her well-wishers!

Aalima Nowhera Shaik, a renowned entrepreneur, and politician, regularly take to social media to update her customers about recent developments, convey their promises, and elaborate on various topics. Recently, she has updated her customers, promoters, investors, and allies in the business world about the upcoming SFIO Help Centre. 

The document released by the SFIO 

2nd April 2022 marked an important day for the Heera Group. The SFIO (Serious Fraud Investigation Office) posted a document on their official website. The document enlisted the names and details of every report registered by the individuals against the Heera Group. Nowhera stated that it was she who requested Ramesh Narsimhan, a member of the SFIO, to provide her with the names so that she could solve the issue at the earliest. The document consisted of 6200 entries altogether. The SFIO, through its website, elaborated on how many couriers were sent and how many were received and verified.  

Controversies regarding the document-release 

The very next day, numerous individuals protested against this. They claimed that they never filed a complaint against Heera Group. Some of them even accused Heera Group of ‘creating stories’. They urged the authorities to explain how their names happened to be listed if not by a mere coincidence.  

How Nowhera handled the situation 

SFIO releasing that document resulted in a lot of chaos. Thus, together with all her employees and business advisers, Shaik had her tech team circulate a notice asking people to cooperate with the honorable Supreme Court of Justice so that this issue could be sorted out soon.  

They presumed this could invoke a great deal of chaos as well so, in order to avoid any inconvenience,  Heera Group members devised a helpdesk, which will keep a record of how many claims are verified. They would also aid anyone who is confused about the working of this system. 

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