The Heera Group Supremacy

The Heera Group Supremacy

Heera Group of companies has been a supreme power and a genuine threat to the other companies in the conglomerate industry. The company believes in hard work and dedication to your work. They always have focused on their customer satisfaction, and thus they have made the name they deserve. Recently, the Supreme Court announced its hearing regarding the ongoing legal disputes of the company. The court declared that the company should be free from most of the allegations, and the SFIO shall only handle the case. This was a moment of relief for the company after a struggle of more than three years.

The New Report by SFIO

The Serious Fraud Investigation Office or SFIO recently declared the new investigation report after their thorough investigation. The investigation was helped by the FSL report along with assistance from the Heera Group IT technicians. The report states that the company has to pay only an amount of thirty crores back to the people opposing the previous message of CCS, saying that they owe an amount of six thousand five hundred crores to their investors. The report made the company’s CEO very happy as it was a winning moment for them.
While the report was seen as a wind of change for the company, fate had an unexpected leap.

Still Supreme

The website of the SFIO showed complaints from thousands of customers regarding the non-payment of the money. The Heera Group employees quickly verified the thing, and they found the complaints to be fake. The SFIO also confirmed that their complaint box had been manipulated, and the protests were baseless. The investigation regarding this has been resumed while the company is operating unobstructed. The company’s honesty shows that the supremacy of their brand comes from the honesty and dedication to their work, along with the good relations between them and their customers.