The shady process of woman entrepreneur Nowhera’s police custody

The shady process of woman entrepreneur Nowhera’s police custody

The shady process of woman entrepreneur Nowhera’s police custody 

woman-entrepreneur Nowhera Shaik

Woman entrepreneur Nowhera Shaik is one of the most respectful lady. who has been role model for many women in the society. It’s not unknown to anyone that the police are one of the key instruments in making a society secure. The police are also a part of the civil services, whose job is to maintain law and order and to make the citizens of the country feel safe.

But Why political powers should influence the functioning of police? And be an accomplice in forging and processing baseless allegations against innocent people like Dr Nowhera Shaikh?  Police arrested Dr Nowhera out of the blue without any prior notice or enough evidence. And transferring her to different prisons, putting her through profuse mental agony, none of those was a sign of the police maintaining and upholding the law above all. Nowhera’s rise in the business circle, as well as the political circle, has always been a point of envy for her rivals.

People made phone calls to Nowhera shaik, threatening her to give up on her work. This shows that they could see that, Dr Shaikh’s good reputation and her zeal to work for the people would be the demise of their exploitation. The process in which the police advanced the case against her points to the political pressure on the police.

Let’s divulge into an incident.

According to the judgement , the Honourable Justice G.Sridevi on the writ petition Nos 5449 and 7950, the order passed to release Nowhera Shaikh. On 1st January, after all the paperwork for her release was done, she was told that she would be released now and her family was waiting for her outside. But the story was something different. When she came out of jail, instead of her family there were two civil dressed officers. Turned out that the Mumbai police would be arresting her. They took her to Mumbai and the process of transferring her from custody to custody with new excuses started again. Even the cases they filed were based on wrong procedural information. This is not only affecting Nowhera shaik but also the moral of woman entrepreneurs of India.

If the police bend down in front of corrupt political power, how do we, the common people, feel secure in our own homes? If a well reputed and resourceful person who has done nothing but good for people faces this, where would we go when we become the victims. It’s time the police system took a hard look at itself and function effectively. So that no innocent person has to go through what Dr Nowhera Shaikh has faced.

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