Who have contributed to Women Empowerment in India?

Who have contributed to Women Empowerment in India?

Who have contributed to Women Empowerment in India?

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Dr Nowhera Shaikh is the true example of woman empowerment in India, the face behind All India Mahila Empowerment Party and the CEO of Heera Groups of companies, dreamt of making a strong place for herself in this world from a very young age. She started her own company in 1998. Where the objective was to build a positive relationship with the consumer based on trust and customer satisfaction. And by this motto, her company became not only a national but an international.

Dr Nowhera primary aim of her entrepreneurship was not to just make wealth but to make a positive impact on the world. And for this very reason, she stepped into the realm of politics. Nowhera noticed how women were underrepresented in the legislative bodies. Hence her party, the AIMEP, aimed at upholding the rights of women in the legislature. Especially those who are particularly vulnerable. For her dedication towards the cause she believed in.

Dr Nowhera Shaik and her contribution towards woman empowerment

Dr Shaik has received many accolades. Such as Best Business Leadership Award for Industrial Development 2013, 7th Farooq Ahmed Memorial Education Award 2014. Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award 2013 etc. These awards and achievements prove themselves the hard work and contribution made by her, And the Heera Groups of Companies towards the development of the nation.

She is also the lifetime vice president of the women’s wing of the International Human Rights Association- India. Dr Shaikh has also established educational institutions to make education more accessible to the poorer sections of people. What makes Dr Nowhera very different from the crowd though is her iron-like perseverance. Her determination to make a better future and her never-ending strength, even after the turmoil she has to go through caused by heavily politicised propaganda. But coming out of a storm always makes us stronger. Dr Nowhera intends to keep working towards her goal of making a better world for the future generation.

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