All about the global refugee crisis

All about the global refugee crisis

One of the major issues faced by the international community is the refugee crisis. There are more than 82 million refugees worldwide at present.

Refugees are those forcibly displaced from their native lands. They have to flee the country due to several reasons. These might include unrest in the country, war, violation of human rights or the persecution of minorities. Their home country no longer remains safe for them.

However, countries worldwide mostly refuse to accept refugees, stating they pose a threat to the economy and security of the country. Hence, when the refugees flee to their neighbouring countries they are faced with the unavailability of basic amenities like water, food, sanitation, etc. They remain unemployed or underemployed and often face discrimination from the host countries. This is further intensified by language and cultural barriers. The refugee resettlement programme has failed to reach out to the huge number of refugees.

Steps that are taken by the international community for refugees

Article 14(1) under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) guarantees the right of refugees to seek asylum in other countries. The 1951 Refugee Convention guarantees the human rights of refugees. In the present situation, only a few countries are accepting refugees while others don’t take responsibility at all. Hence, these host countries are being overburdened and are facing poverty and unemployment. Furthermore, The Global Compact on Refugees aims to protect the refugees worldwide and ease the burden on the host countries.

What else needs to be done?

All countries should share the responsibilities for refugees. Refugee resettlement must be done without delay. Also, they should be provided with employment opportunities and help them live dignified life.

Additionally, it must be ensured that refugees are not sent back to their home countries. The global community must work on improving the conditions in war areas. Finally, more funding is required for the refugees to have a human life.