Can India afford to spend fortunes on space missions?

Can India afford to spend fortunes on space missions?

India is known for its cost-effective space missions. All the successful space missions by India to date hold the benchmark of being the cheapest and most affordable missions in the globe. Therefore it is noticeable that India spends comparatively a small part of its fortune on space missions in terms of percentage of GDP as compared to the governments of other countries. Compared to that the productivity and efficiency of these space agencies are very high, more than in other countries across the globe. Space agencies generate revenues for our countries by launching satellites. The Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) is one of the prominent space agencies in the world, and it is so since the government spent the amount behind it and due to the hard work and skill of our space scientists.

Is India capable of spending huge amounts on space projects?

Questions arise that India should spend more on reducing the poverty and hunger crisis in the country rather than on space missions. Space missions are a part of a country’s development schemes. ISRO is not a reason for poverty in India. Underutilization of resources and corruption is one of the prime causes of poverty in the country. On the contrary, ISRO has been helping India in obliterating poverty by making a lot of profit. Substantial investments in space exploration will pave our way to becoming a developed country.

ISRO’s financial contribution to the country.

Investing in space projects is not equivalent to throwing money in water. Though a government non-profit organization, ISRO makes a lot of money in short spans of time. ISRO launches numerous satellites in other countries, generating revenues for our country. The money invested in ISRO is out to effective use and the country will get enormous returns from these investments.
The focus should be shifted, from organizations like ISRO to departments where money gets wasted unnecessarily.