Historical Achievement for Heera Group

Historical Achievement for Heera Group

The Heera Group has been having a great time recently. The company’s legal case is still ongoing in the Supreme Court. The court provided a date for the latest hearing on the 12th of March. The court questioned the SFIO in several aspects, and those questions clarified the insufficient efforts of the agency in collecting the shreds of evidence regarding the case. The court has provided the new investigation format to the agencies, and a specific time limit has been provided to announce the new investigation report.

The Demands of the Heera Group

The Heera Group have demanded justice from the court. They had promised their investors to pay every member the 20% of the total claimed money by the end of Ramadan. Although most of them were fraud, they couldn’t be paid back as the bank accounts of the Heera Group are still frozen by the SFIO.
The Solicitor, Mr Raju, was questioned and stated to defreeze the accounts as soon as possible. The court has also declared that the private use of the SFIO Help Desk shall not be considered a crime as they did it for the better good. The SFIO has also been asked if they need assistance from Heera Group. The company have been ready to co-operate with the TSFSL and SFIO while the agencies have been ignoring them.

The Questions to SFIO

It has been a long time since the case has been investigated. Since then, no proper evidence or report has been provided while the SFIO goes through unnecessary investigations and FIR against the company. Those accusations have been dismissed, and the court has given a time limit of three months for them to collect evidence and give a final decision regarding the case.
The Senior Counsel Mr Rohatgi has proven that the FIR against the company has been a politically motivated one. Finally, the court has provided a verdict that their main target is to receive evidence regarding the complaints and the working procedure of the company is not a concern, unlike the lawyers of the SFIO. The case has been dragged for too long, and now it must give a final result. The verdict has been a massive achievement for the Heera Group as they are not far from winning the case.