India’s long coastline is it an advantage or liability?

India’s long coastline is it an advantage or liability?

Coastline is that geographic area where the land meets the sea or ocean. It forms the boundary between the land and the ocean or sea.

India has a long coastline. The lower peninsula part of the Indian mainland has a long running coastline. Surrounded by water bodies on three sides, India has a coastline with the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. This long coastline runs for about 7500 km in total.

Having a long coastline comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. It brings along extensive advantages in trade, all the while posing threats to the security of the mainland.

The advantages of the long coastline

India’s long coastline opens the gates of India to the world. India has been actively involved in maritime trade. The country exports spices, fine clothes, minerals and a lot more. 95 percent of India’s trading by volume and 70 percent of India’s trading by value is achieved through maritime trade. Presently, India has 12 major and 205 notified minor ports.

Next in the list is tourism. India’s coastline accounts for a fair share of tourism. The exotic beaches attract tourists. This is a major source of revenue for the country.

Also, this accounts for most of the natural resources in India. Furthermore, the coastline also accounts for the extensive monsoons of the country.

The disadvantages of the long coastline

One of the major disadvantages of coastlines is natural disasters. The coastal areas are very prone to natural disasters like floods, cyclones and even tsunamis. India is already dealing with severe cases of floods. Disaster management has always been weak in hazard prone areas. Hence, these natural disasters result in huge loss of money, lives and infrastructure.

Furthermore, a lot of money is spent on securing the maritime borders of the country. The country always has to keep modernizing its infrastructure for securing the coastline. This is further increased by maintaining the navy and guard personnel. All these expenditure adds to the total yearly budget of the government.