Pros And Cons Of Technology Addiction.

Pros And Cons Of Technology Addiction.

Technology has always helped the human race to advance in various fields and flourishes in areas initially considered impossible. However, technology comes with a major setback – technology addiction. Irrespective of age, the usage of the internet and technology has left people struggling with technology addiction on a global basis.
With the pandemic setting in, technology addiction jas reached its peak. People were compelled to stay indoors, away from schools and jobs, and to cope with the increasing feeling of isolation, people took up the internet and smartphones as means to counter solitude. Online classes and work from home added incentives to the entire cycle and people became addicted to technology without their knowledge.

Consequences of Technology addiction.

Addiction never has positive consequences. Technology addiction came with lower spans of attention, decreasing curiosity and interest in studies and hobbies, and an inability to focus and form humane connections. It has become easier to sit behind the virtual screen and judge real lives. Moreover, people also succeed from diseases and low-quality sleep.
The world witnessed a wide shift from reading books to watching web series and the rise of influencers creating short content, reducing concentrations and hobbies. Furthermore, people suffering from anxiety and depression clutch the internet and technology as means to escape from their life problems. Technology addiction is further heightened with tech engineers making their platform more engaging to increase revenue.

How to recover from technology addiction?

Addiction is not something that can be got rid of easily. It is very tough to have self-control when we are addicted. Spreading awareness about the negative impacts of tech addiction is important. Healthy offline distractions can work wonders, along with setting up small parks and social areas to re-establish the humanly bond that is necessary in today’s world. Tech companies should set up prompts for their users to remind them when they are using the platform for long hours. A day without technology will make us understand how much we are addicted to it. Though time-consuming, healthy alternatives will help you to be free of your addiction gradually.