Student From Bengal Sets A Landmark After Attaining A Score of 705 In NEET 2022

Student From Bengal Sets A Landmark After Attaining A Score of 705 In NEET 2022

As time flies by, the world keeps on progressing and so does it’s standards. In today’s world where change is the very constant, people are always on edge, trying to outperform one other for the sake of a slight edge over the rest.

Why Is It So Difficult?

The same goes for the huge field of education. Especially in a developing country like India. Being the world’s largest democracy with the most population density, the competition is higher than ever before. With hundreds of thousands of students actively taking part in competitive exams annually, the sheer number of applicants is more than enough reason to justify the absurdly high competition.

With approximately 20% of the world’s doctor’s being from India, the number of medics professionals that graduate from India is extremely high, making the national exam on said field even more difficult and hard to crack.

Debankita’s Success

The National Eligibility Entrance Test, commonly referred to as NEET is one of India’s toughest nation wide exams and tests the students on three subjects, namely, Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Despite being so extremely difficult, there are a few students who through their hard work and dedication far outperform the rest and shine brightly with almost perfect scores. One such name is Debankita Bera.

Debankita, a daughter of two teachers passed out of school after attending her ISC exams in the year 2022 and immediately sat for the NEET test right after. As soon as the results were realised, all of Debankita’s childhood dreams were realised as she attained a brilliant score of 705/720. To put into perspective, a good score is said to be anything above 450 marks. With an All India Rank of 22, she stood with the 3rd highest score in all of West Bengal and has made her family proud. As of now, she stands at the upper echelons of the Indian Student Body and is eligible to study in any Top College she wishes.