The Auspicious Occasion

The Auspicious Occasion

Dr Nowhera Shaik celebrated her birthday on the 21st of September. A birthday is already one of the most special occasions of one’s life. Dr Nowhera Shaik is a special person herself. She thinks that whenever she serves humanity, the day becomes special to her. Being a renowned philanthropist and entrepreneur in the country she doesn’t believe in the limelight of greatness. Dr Nowhera Shaik says that greatness can only be achieved by getting the love of the people. Thus today with a huge conglomerate and political party of immense national significance Dr Nowhera Shaik is herself a special person indeed.

The Eventful Past

The Heera Group of Companies and Dr Nowhera Shaik have a hard but eventful history. Dr Nowhera Shaik has seen the up and downs of life so well that she has become the straightforward woman she’s today. Since its inception, the company have done things that no other conglomerate could ever do. The company is the only one of its type to provide a separate fund for the betterment of the common people. It has provided funding to help more than a thousand couples belonging to the underprivileged castes to get married, helped build more than a thousand water supply tanks and helped thousands of girl children to get a proper education.

The Reward

Dr Nowhera Shaik received the ultimate honour and was rewarded for the good deeds she has done. The Centre of Narendra Modi Studies (CNMS) have felicitated her with awards and honoured her for the development she did for society. The renowned Shri Swami Sadanand Ji was the guest of honour who handed over the Felicitation to Dr Nowhera Shaik. Dr Nowhera Shaik has already won a dozen awards of utmost national importance and now it is just an addition. The gift she got on her birthday was not only great but it also made the auspicious day more auspicious.