The inspirational journey of Nowhera Shaik

The inspirational journey of Nowhera Shaik

Born in a Muslim household, on 21st September 1973 in Tirupati, Dr. Nowhera Shaik is everything that a woman ever dreams of. From entrepreneurship to politics, this vibrant personality has not left any field untouched. In addition, she is a prominent social activist who timely stood up for woman rights and child education. Despite belonging to a poor background, Nowhera Shaik helped other households with genuine business gigs to run their living. Belonging from a family of businessmen, she had an innate talent for dealing with business. It was this quality that today marks her as the epitome of inspiration.

The elevation from a vegetable vendor to self-made millionaire was amazing

To start with her voyage, Dr. Nowhera Shaik got her first entrepreneurship lesson at the of 5 when she started selling veggies. It wasn’t long before she switched her career to selling second-hand clothes. Soon after this, she dived into the field of teaching. In the meantime, she started broadening her network to get introduced to more commercial ideas. She used to teach the local destitute girls and this was when she ventured into gold trading. Then in the year 1998, she established the Heera Group of companies.

An epitome of motivation

With an aspiration to reform the political system of our country, she founded the All India Mahila Empowerment Party. It worked to look after the needs of women and make them financially free. Later Nowhera Shaik also established an Educational institute by proving herself as a true educationist. The Madrasa Niswan which started with only six school girls eventually grew up to a batch of 300 girls. Well, the journey from teaching the Quran in the streets of Tirupati to trading in gold wasn’t a bed of roses. But Dr. Nowhera Shaik overcame each barrier with enough honor and grace.