The Pros and Cons of the Population Control Bill

The Pros and Cons of the Population Control Bill

If the population control bill is put into effect, it will have more negative effects than beneficial ones. Therefore, rather than passing this legislation, it would be preferable to work on raising literacy rates, healthcare facilities, and the accessibility of contraceptives.

2019 saw the introduction of the “Population Control Bill” (Population Regulation Bill) in the Rajya Sabha.

For those who have two or fewer children, this bill suggests incentives in government jobs, subsidies, and other advantages under the public distribution system. These benefits will not be granted to other people. Additionally, they won’t have the opportunity to be elected as representatives.

However, some experts believe that population control regulations may eventually cause an imbalance problem.

What are the pros of the bill?

By encouraging smaller families, you can encourage people to have fewer kids overall and therefore manage the population. By 2027, India’s population may overtake China’s, according to United Nations estimates. Thus, this law may be used to purchase sometimes. Everyone is subject to this law, even decision-makers. As a result, everyone will abide by the law rather than just regular individuals.

The cons of the bill?

Nevertheless, a lot of Indian households desire to have a boy. Therefore, depriving families with more than two children of government support may lead to an increase in sex-selective abortions. During the one-child policy’s implementation, female foeticide cases surged in China. So, that might also occur in India.

Many women in India still don’t have a voice in domestic concerns nowadays. Because the male head of the household may manage the women’s bodies to receive government benefits, they may even lose control over their bodies as a result of this regulation.

It has been demonstrated that educated couples have fewer children. Therefore, it is much more crucial to increase funding for education, family planning awareness, better healthcare facilities, and easy access to contraceptives than it is to adopt a population control bill.

More children are born as a result of a lack of knowledge and restricted access to contraceptives. Punishing those without knowledge will therefore be the government’s error.

More than three children are typically the result of poverty. Depriving them of government aid will therefore cause them to fall into deeper poverty and could even lead to hunger-related deaths.

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