Ukraine’s capital was bombed within an hour of the President’s meeting with the UN

Ukraine’s capital was bombed within an hour of the President’s meeting with the UN

Russian soldiers bombarded Ukraine’s capital city Kyiv on Thursday while the Secretary-General of the U.N. Antonio Guterres was attending a news symposium with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.  

The Russian forces blasted marks across the country, from the Western city Polonne to the east and from the northern Chernihiv to the Odesa in the South.  

Ukrainian departments confirmed drastic conflagration in Ukraine’s industrial bastion Donbas and near Kharkiv. Two buildings, comprising a residential one were shelled in Kyiv and at least one was killed and several wounded were documented.  

All these attacks came hardly within an hour of the visit by The U.N Secretary-General. 

The last resistance provided by Mariupol was weakened overnight and the soldiers announced that the scarcity of safe drinking water would lead to disease outbreaks, like cholera.  

Remarks of the U.N. on the bombardment 

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres denounced the monstrosities caused by the ongoing war in the various parts of Ukraine. He held out the proof of mass killings of the Ukrainian civilians against Russia’s claim of not targeting civilians. He says that he was dumbfounded as two rockets exploded in the city where he was an hour ago and urged the need to end the drastic war as soon as possible. 

He probed through the destruction in the small towns which were burning with the horrors of the ongoing war and completed a successful news conference when the fresh attacks took place. It is yet not clear how far the attacks took place from Mr. Gutierres. 

The President’s Pledge 

The president, in his video address, revived his oath to hold the Russian forces liable for all the conspiracies and crimes executed by them and he particularly held that for the 10 identified Russian combatants. He also said that the Russian battalion shall be shifted to the Kharkiv area which will receive retaliation from Ukraine’s end. 

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