Voice of the Global South summit

Voice of the Global South summit

The primary goal of this summit was to give countries that are not G20 members a place to communicate their thoughts and objectives.

India sponsored a two-day virtual summit on “Voice of the Global South” on January 12 and 13, 2023. “Unity of Voice, Unity of Purpose” served as its subject. This was an effort to foster cooperation among the global south nations and to balance the global order.

The term “Global South” describes the countries that are found in the world’s south. This covers a whopping 78 nations in the Southern hemisphere.

Due to its sizable population—which accounts for more than 50% of the global population—the Global South is crucial as a demographic force in the world. The cultural heritage of the Global South is renowned for being rich and diverse, adding to the global diversity and richness of cultures.

India as a leader and its challenges

One of the biggest and most populous nations in the area, India has the potential to lead the Global South due to its size, the wealth of culture, and expanding military and economic might.

India is well-positioned to assume a leadership position in the Global South thanks to its policy of non-alignment with any major world power bloc.

However, for the countries of the Global South, poverty, economic inequality, and political instability are important issues that make it challenging to undertake development efforts.

Developed nations in the Global North produce more emissions than developing nations in the Global South, but they do not pay for green energy, which ultimately hurts them.

Way forward

India may take action to alleviate the problems the Global South is having, encourage economic growth, and aid in the construction of infrastructure.

For the Global South to encourage long-term growth, political stability must be achieved. This can be accomplished through encouraging good administration, combating corruption, and bolstering the institutions that offer security and assistance to the populace.

India can also contribute to creating international trade and financial institutions where developing nations in the Global South operate on an equal footing.

The Global South must push for coordinated international action to combat climate change, equitable wealthy-nation contributions to decrease emissions, and assistance for the least developed states’ transition to a green energy economy.