Corona viruses are spreading once again throughout India.

Corona viruses are spreading once again throughout India.

As reported by a Chinese top official, new Corona cases have been discovered in China. China is facing three waves in the winter season. India will assist by providing the necessary medicines, which are in short supply in the country.

Corona virus hits India: After two patient deaths in Maharashtra and one in Delhi, the death toll increases to 5,30,690. After 163 new Corona virus cases were reported in India on a single day, the total number of people infected in India is 4,46,76,778. The patients who were taking treatments were around 3,380. Observing the rising number of cases in India, the government has launched several initiatives to combat Corona virus infections. With the news of the Corona cases in India, the pre-action dosages have also started to increase in the country.

As per the reports from the officials, on December 18th, about 4,000 people got vaccinated. Similarly, on December 22nd, 57,000 people were to be vaccinated. The government has approved the distribution of two-drop nasal vaccines; in the meantime, people who have taken Covishield or Covaxin may also take the heterologous boosters. For a short period of time, these booster doses will only be available in private hospitals. This booster dose will be listed on the Cowin application forms.

In Mumbai, a 1,850-bed Covid Hospital is ready because of the threat of these pandemic virus infections. Several private hospitals have kept extra beds due to safety concerns about patients infected with the Corona virus. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has taken several initiatives to fight against this infection; the nasal vaccine has been approved, and on December 27th, an India mock drill will be conducted in the hospitals to deal with the capacity to fight against the virus.

Precautionary measures for the Corona virus are suggested for all individuals to take as soon as possible for their safety.