Is Corona BF.7 dangerous?

Is Corona BF.7 dangerous?

At the beginning of November, cases of the Corona virus were increasing across the globe. India is in control pertaining to this concern. The government has taken initiatives to do mock drills at the hospital for the safety of the people, and if at all the beds, medicines, etc., are in shortage, they will be filled as soon as possible. The medical professionals are trained and allocated with several training programs to handle the situation following the unforeseen acts that cause harm to numerous people across the country.

According to several sources, the BF.7 variant of Corona has increased the risk of death for approximately two million people in China. An epidemiologist tweeted that 60% of China’s population might be infected in the next few months. Due to poor medical policies in China, the situation is getting worse with the impact of the virus. Presently, China is about to implement a lockdown for the safety of its people. The BF.7 virus arrived in India several months ago, and a few cases have been identified from the northern part of the country: three from Gujarat, one from Odisha, and one from Ahmedabad. Certainly, no one was found serious, and all recovered in a good state of health.

Symptoms of the Corona BF.7 Variant: The symptoms of this variant will be like the Omicron. Coughing, fever, sore throat, runny nose, fatigue, puking, and diarrhoea may occur in an infected person. This sub-variant of Corona BF.7 might affect weak immune systems. It is advised that if an individual is experiencing body pain for a long period of time, to consult their doctor and opt for the Corona tests.

Precautionary measures: Maintaining a physical distance, wearing a mask, getting a booster dose on a timely basis, avoiding going to crowded places, maintaining cleanliness, and using hand sanitizer for safety.