53 Africans held over violence at a police station in Delhi

53 Africans held over violence at a police station in Delhi

After a mob went on the rampage at a police station after the murder of a Nigerian, Delhi Police has initiated a crackdown on African nationals living in and near Mohan Garden in west Delhi. According to officials, a mob attacked cops at the police station after the death on September 26, prompting the response. The disturbance has resulted in the arrest of 53 persons. To disperse the crowd, cops reported they shot three to four rounds into the air. According to the cops, the protestors — largely Nigerians with others from Ghana and Ivory Coast – claimed the man died as a result of a fall while being pursued by cops. This was refuted by senior police officers. The deceased owned and operated a small African-themed shop.

We’ve been cracking down on folks who are residing here illegally, and we’ve detained roughly 75 of them this year.

In April, a door-to-door survey was conducted to determine who was remaining in the country illegally.

During the altercation, three officers were injured. Constable Anil, ASI Ram Karan, and constable Malkeet, who had his arm fractured, have all been recognised.

A call was received from Tarak Hospital concerning a Nigerian national being brought dead, according to the FIR, which was made on the complaint of the duty officer at the police station when the commotion occurred.

When the mob ignored multiple warnings, the duty officer shot four rounds into the air to disperse the gathering, arresting eight guys on the scene. The area SHO, along with other officials, was at the hospital to control the mob, thus the officers at the station were outnumbered.

Another call concerning “one hundred” Nigerians approaching the Mohan Garden police station was made at midnight. Around 20-25 of them attacked the cops and damaged property after they arrived at the gate, armed with bricks, stones, rods, and sticks. They were yelling out their murderous intent and the scene was rapidly spiralling out of control.