Short Biography of Nowhera Shaik

Short Biography of Nowhera Shaik

Biography of Nowhera Shaik and How she established herself

Nowhera Shaik was born into a modest family. She was born to Parents Shaik Nanne Saheb and Shaik Bilkis on 21st Sep 1973. At the age of 19, Nowhera became passionate about education and began teaching at the Madrassa. She started with six students, but later she was able to teach 300 students.

In 1998, she established an educational institute for girls to provide quality education. In order to offer quality education on a large scale, she sold her parents’ property to start larger residential schools. Chandragiri, Andhra Pradesh, was where she opened her first residential school. She currently runs schools in Mumbai and Belapur as well as all over India.

She was passionate about education for girls from the beginning. She is a bright intellectual and a woman full of wisdom. She knows the importance of healthy exposure to knowledge and ideas.

Establishment of Heera Groups of Companies:

Nowhera has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. She started selling vegetables for her parents at the age of five. This was her first lesson in entrepreneurship. She then began to buy and sell used clothes. This is one of the most impressive part of Biography of Nowhera Shaik.

Later, she was exposed to Gold Trading. This was a pivotal moment in her entrepreneurial journey. While Nowhera was a Madrassa teacher, she made many connections with the women of the village. Nowhera used to buy jewelry from a goldsmith, and then she would sell it to the local women. It was her Business Module.

She established a women’s group that invested in her scheme between 1997 and 1998. She would share the profits with the group members regularly. Nowhera christened her first company “Heera Gold” and was registered as a Private Limited Company in 2012. This company’s main goal was to empower women and give them financial freedom. Heera Groups of Companies founder and CEO, Nowhera.

Heera Groups Turnover was Rs. 27 Lakh in 2010-11 and It increased to Rs 800 Crore in 2017-19.

All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP):

She was an activist for human rights who convinced both the government and the judiciary to take action on crucial humanitarian issues.

Nowhera knew from the beginning that in order to change the system, you must be part of it. She decided to start her own political party to serve the nation and residents directly.

Dr. Nowhera Shahik founded The “All India Mahila Empowerment Party- (AIMEP)” with noble causes to encourage and support women’s participation in the Indian election. Dr. Shaik sought to end social taboos by her actions and words. She is vocal about sociopolitical issues, particularly those that affect women.

The welfare and safety of women and children have been the main focus of the “All India Mahila Empowerment Party” (AIMEP). This section has been vulnerable to regressive practices like child trafficking or physical abuse. Their safety and development have been compromised by other governments that political parties established in the past.

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