“Told Navjot Sidhu, ‘Let’s Talk’”: Punjab Chief Minister Says No Ego Here

“Told Navjot Sidhu, ‘Let’s Talk’”: Punjab Chief Minister Says No Ego Here

Charanjit Channi, the new Punjab Chief Minister, has reached out to Navjot Singh Sidhu, who resigned down as the party’s leader on Monday, asking that they talk about the areas on which he has concerns and that he is willing to be flexible.

If somebody objects to a certain appointment, I will not be strict… I’m not a tussle with my ego… I told him that party comes first and that we should talk about it “Recounting their telephonic chat, Mr Channi told reporters today.

After Mr Channi named his cabinet, Mr Sidhu resigned in a rage without consulting the party. He is dissatisfied with several selections in which the candidates have been momentarily linked to corruption cases or are political rivals.

Mr Sidhu issued a video message earlier today in which he stated that he would not compromise on ethics or moral authority.

To uphold my values, I will make any sacrifice. I dismantled the structure that protected tainted ministers and officers. Ministers and personnel who have been tainted with corruption are no longer eligible for re-appointment. SS Randhawa, a political adversary and Deputy Chief Minister, has been allocated the vital home ministry, which irritates him.

He also has reservations about Iqbal Preet Singh Sahota, a senior IPS officer who has been handed more responsibility as Punjab Police Chief. Mr Sahota led a Special Investigation Team tasked with investigating the circumstances surrounding the sacrilege of the Guru Granth Sahib in 2015.

One of the main grievances of the Congress rebels, including Mr Sidhu, has been the Amarinder Singh government’s apparent lack of action in the sacrilege cases. Mr Singh resigned earlier this month as a result of the mutiny, which had been festering for over a year. Mr Sidhu, who had hoped to fill his shoes, was dismayed when Mr Channi was chosen by the party’s senior command.