AIMEP is all set to take an active part in the Karnataka polls!

AIMEP is all set to take an active part in the Karnataka polls!

All India Mahila Empowerment Party, founded by the renowned entrepreneur, politician and social worker Ms Nowhera Shaik, has been reported to contest in the Karnataka election. The vision of the set-up is to assist women in their struggle to break free from the ‘rules’ imposed on them by society. In a typical Indian community, women and their efforts are recognised.
Being a woman myself, I feel incredibly proud to say that women have successfully broken through many stereotypes.
Social welfare programmes held by AIMEP.
AIMEP is concerned with providing all the citizens with access to their fundamental rights and, in an unbiased way, manages various schemes for the betterment of the citizens. The functioning of AIMEP is led under the supervision of Nowhera Shaik.

Nowhera Shaik’s tweet regarding the election:

To keep her supporters updated about the upcoming election, she posted a photograph with Salman Khan’s brothers, Sohail and Arbaaz. Naturally, everyone was taken by surprise by the photo trending this Tuesday. All her fan’s supporters congratulated her. She twitted the picture with a catchy quote, “Star Campaign Starts”.

Nowhera Shaik’s pledge to the citizens of Karnataka:

The ambition behind the establishment of the All India Mahila Empowerment Party is to grant women their rights. She was given by the commission a symbol of her choice – a diamond recently for which she had to wait patiently for a very prolonged time of 4 years. She knew the citizens of Karnataka knew of her through her social services. Therefore, she took it upon herself to place help desks at every police station, which would only cater to the needs of women. Furthermore, she managed the evening and Sunday courts to provide speedy justice to every woman and promised to have economic zones for women.