Dr Nowhera Shaik: The Role Model to every woman

Dr Nowhera Shaik: The Role Model to every woman

Dr Nowhera Shaik is the founder of the popular AIMEP (All India Mahila Empowerment Party). She is India’s one of the most successful entrepreneur just at the age of 48. Since her childhood, she has given it her all in every possible fields. She has never given up, her hard work and her kind nature never turned her.

Dr Nowhera Shaik’s achievements:

When one would check out her achievements, they would simply bow before her out of sheer respect and honour. For all the women out there, she is alone the most standoffish and the way she rose up the career graph, would impress anyone. She was awarded the “Growing India Company Excellence Award” in 2013 for creating the Heera Group of Companies. She also received the “Vishishta Mahila Ratna Samman“ from the Union Minister Smriti Irani.

The objectives of the AIMEP:

The entire purpose behind the creation of the AIMEP is to allow the aspiring women with burning passion to achieve everything beyond a man’s reach and imagination. Dr Nowhera Shaik has never once let herself give up when faced with any challenges in her career nor will she allow any woman to give up either. She wants our patriarchal society to fathom the worth every woman packs in herself. She has always preached our women to clench at the opportunities and rights on their own. She doesn’t want our women to feel threatened and instead, want them to claim what’s truly theirs. Therefore, AIMEP helps the women of our country realise their self worth and behold their best future.

The Heera Group of Company:

To identify her work integrity and her sincerity one has to look at the records of the Heera Group. In the past she was accused of playing a scam on her customers. But, upon providing essential evidence, she was proved innocent by the Supreme Court of India. The Heera Group of Companies have brought on a revolution in the world of entrepreneurship. Not only does the company deal in reliable products at reasonable prices but the employees well trained in politeness and humility. The employees have and will continue to serve their best to the customers.