Dr Nowhera Shaik wishes nothing ill for her customers!

Dr Nowhera Shaik wishes nothing ill for her customers!

It is known how the Heera Group has suffered setbacks, recently. However with the love and support of all the customers, fans and investors the Heera Group of Companies is leaping onto business once again. The Heera Group has been attempting to repay all their investors very earnestly. In the last 2 decades, the investors have received multiple amount of profits from the company. They have received more than the money they had invested.

Updates on some recent remarks:

Recently a video has been circulating on social media and Youtube that the Heera Group CEO, Dr. Nowhera Shaik, is ratting on her customers. Some people are of the opinion that she is running away to avoid paying her investors. It is a ridiculous comment to be made about someone so honest and humble like Dr Nowhera Shaik. There is no meaning in her running away, she has earnestly atleast produced assets worth 900 crores to repay the investors to her company. It is absolutely meaningless for her to run away from her pillar to post for investment data. She has been going to the Supreme Court to look for data and ask for the judgement of the court in order to fulfill the claims for the investors who, have invested in the company over the years.

The chaos is deliberately created:

The propaganda is being spread by paid tolls who cannot bear the fact that the investors will be repaid by her. These paid tolls do not want the Heera Group to remain in such a great position in the business world. The investors did commit a mistake by believing this fake news and going to the SFIO. With standing this fact the claimants will have to wait as their claim is pending in SFIO and it is unsure as to how long it will take.

Why is there a delay?

Considering the non-claimants, who have faith in Dr Nowhera Shaik, have already received a certain percentage of their investments. However, the Heera Group is still awaiting to check the data but their account is still frozen. It all lies on the Court’s judgment to allow the company to check the accounts Heera Group have done all that they could. The Heera Group will once again regain its former glory.