No Driving test required at RTO to get Driving license

No Driving test required at RTO to get Driving license

No Driving test required at RTO to get Driving license

 Driving license

No need to go to the RTO to give a driving test to get Driving license. The Union ministry of road transport and highways amended a rule that came into effect from 1st July 2021. 

As per the new rules the driving licence applicants no need to undergo tedious process of getting license from Regional Road Transport Offices ( RTOs). They prescribed a new easy way to obtain a driving licence. That is one can obtain a licence directly from authorized driver training centers. 

These driver training centers provide quality driving courses. And on clearing the test at the end of the course one can obtain a Driving licence. Transport ministry gave the strict regulations to follow to these centers. These centers equipped with simulators and dedicated driving test track. They provide very high quality training to the applicants.

  The duration for the Light motor vehicle driving course is 29 hours. And the duration for the medium and heavy vehicle training course is 38 hours. However these courses are divided into theory and practical. Well this move definitely helps India to promote safe driving on roads. At present as we all know, The drivers who don’t follow the rules or not aware of them causing a lot of accidents.

  These training centers also provide industry specific drivers training. This will help to meet the demands of skilled drivers in India. Also these training centers provided licenses which will be renewed for every five years.