Contribution of Heera gold Nowhera Shaikh in building a better world

Contribution of Heera gold Nowhera Shaikh in building a better world

Contribution of Heera gold Nowhera Shaikh in building a better world

Heera gold Nowhera Shaikh

Heera gold Nowhera Shaikh is an Indian Entrepreneur and politician. She is the founder and CEO of Heera Group hailing from Tirupati district in Andhra Pradesh, India; she faced grievous turmoil for being framed in a fake case very badly . 

However Heera Group is a pool of twenty companies with its headquarters in Hyderabad. And spread across India, UAE, and other Middle Eastern Countries. Firstly Nowhera Shaik is also the founder and President of All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP). Because it works under the banner “Justice for Humanity”.

Women in India become victim of grave social injustice on a daily basis. Obviously, The only way to annihilate that situation is to educate women and give them a chance to stand on their own. Nowhera Shaik’s AIMEP party deals mainly with women empowerment, child labor, and gender justice, making women able to overcome the barriers. AIMEP party launched on November 16, 2017, Certainly to promote the participation of women in Indian politics. Nowhera believes that empowering women leads to empowering larger society .

Heera gold Nowhera shaik’s Ismail Educatonal Trust

Dr Nowhera Shaikh is the trustee of Ismail Educational Trust. The fact is that This trust provides academic religious education to more than1000 girls from the backward sections of the society. Moreover She is also an educationist as well as a philanthropist.

She has set up two educational institutions for the poor and the needy; one in her hometown, Tirupati and the other at Chandragiri, Andhra Pradesh which provide free and quality education. The Heera School and College for women at Tirupati is a free education venture with residential facilities for girls.

Dr. Shaik’s Philanthropic activities also expanded to the medical field by establishing Heera Mobile Clinic, that provides quality medical services to lakhs of poor and needy villagers across Andhra Pradesh. Everything about Nowhera Shaik shows her dedication towards the upliftment of the society, especially women as well as child welfare. Dr. Shaikh’s life values reflect her Party’s agenda. Let’s all support her to build a strong Nation.