CAA-NRC: Attack On Indian Constitution

CAA-NRC: Attack On Indian Constitution

CAA-NRC: Attack On Indian Constitution

Indian Constitution

Around the world, one of the defining elements of India is how it ingrained secularism. In midst of a vast linguistic, religious and cultural diversity. The reason for this was to hold the distinct communities together under one nation. This composite culture in India secured by the Indian Constitution. Moreover it is one of our greatest strengths as a nation. But now the picture is very different from what our forefathers imagined it to be. The rise of Hindu nationalists populated the Bharatiya Janata Party affiliated an ideology of making India a Hindu majoritarian state. And after the ascend of BJP as the ruling party in 2014 has made this competing vision very visible. more about BJP politics

With the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019. And the National Register of Citizens, the Modi Government threatened secularism in India. NRC would assist the government to decide who qualify as a citizen of India as per the Citizenship Act, 1955. However The CAA fast-tracks Indian citizenship for Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist, Christians, Parsis. And Jains who arrived in India before December 31, In2014, from its Muslim-majority neighbours, namely Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. But by accepting all non-Muslim immigrants from neighbouring countries. The law shamelessly and unfairly disadvantaged the practitioners of Islam when seeking to immigrate to India. 

Indian Constitution on CAA , NRC

Modi has vastly portrayed the abomination of an Act as the saviour of non-Muslim residents of Islamic countries from oppression. Famously stating “We passed this bill to help the persecuted”. But if we look at the Constitution of India, Article 14 guarantees that the state is not supposed to deny any individual equality before the law and equal protection of laws. But CAA is clearly causing a severe violation of Article 14.

The laid down plan of CAA-NRC is. If a person fails to be considered as a ‘legal’ Indian citizen in Government’s eyes. They would be stripped of their rights and would be sent to detention centres. Now the people who are not Muslims can apply to be Indian Citizens. But the followers of Islam cannot, even if they have been living in this country for generations. CAA-NRC distinguishes between people on the basis of religion. After all, communal polarisation has always been BJP’s biggest weapon. 

Moreover Very naturally, Citizenship Amendment Bill met with harsh criticisms and nationwide protests. Even people abroad organised protest rallies in solidarity with CAA-NRC protesters. After all The central government unleashed Police brutality on the protestors, charged the student activists under UAPA.  Even that wasn’t enough to satisfy BJP’s bloodlust. Hindu nationalists attacked the protestors with guns and threats. 

The pandemic has put a hold on the protests, but the outrage is still there. The government refuses to withdraw this controversial law. With CAA-NRC’s threat lurking overhead, the future of secular India is still uncertain.