Nowhera Shaik: a remarkable person as a whole!

Nowhera Shaik: a remarkable person as a whole!

The Heera Group is led by Ms. Aalima Nowhera Shaik, a remarkable entrepreneur, politician, and social worker with a heart of gold & passion and a mind full of ideas & morals. She has brought about revolutions in the field of entrepreneurship. Her brilliant ideas at work, considerate nature towards employees, and humbleness towards her supporters will never fail to amaze you.
Besides leading an empire worth millions: Heera Group, she has also established her political party, All India Mahila Empowerment Party. After a considerable wait of 4 years, Nowhera Shaik was granted a symbol of her choice as the emblem of her party: a diamond (as in ‘Heera’) by the election commission of India. The patience she harbors in herself is something that makes many envious.

Heera Group’s efficiency:

Currently, approximately 25000 people are working for Heera Group. Think about how many people would otherwise have been unemployed. Business ideas and efforts are not the only things that make an entrepreneur a good one.
An entrepreneur’s ethics, integrity, and honesty to their clients make them a true entrepreneur. Nowhera Shaik has conveyed that she believes that customers or supporters are like The Almighty to her. She would never intentionally do anything to upset her faith; similarly, she would never scam her clients. She always prioritizes her customers.

AIMEP helping women achieve their rights:

Nowhera Shaik’s political party: AIMEP, has been tirelessly working to help women attain their fundamental rights. Women of a typical Indian society are often disrespected, and they are mocked and judged for their aspirations. However, situations have improved significantly in recent years and are improving in the coming years. All India Mahila Empowerment Party is making its impact even more vital.