Some Facts you need to know about Nowhera Shaik before you judge her

Some Facts you need to know about Nowhera Shaik before you judge her

We often seem to judge a person very easily. It is very easy to judge someone but to be in their place and understand the situation from their point is difficult. Let us take the example of Nowhera Shaik. She was very simply labelled as a fraud industrialist who defrauded thousands of people of their fair money. But did we ever delve deeper into the subject to look at the actual scenario?

Let us start with her journey and then if there is any discrepancy, we will know that she has a regular record of discrepancies. Nowhera Shaik belongs to a very ordinary household. Her father was a small-scale businessman and she received initially received education from a school and then a Madrasa.

She started giving tuition to village kids in many villages. She started teaching them without any fees but created a huge range of contacts among the village women which helped her in the long run.

She started her business venture at a young age. It was 1998 when she established her own dream company, Heera Group of companies. The company started with gold and gold products investment but later was expanded in different lines of business. Nowhera Shaik was the architect behind the entire success of the business group.

She has been a law-abiding citizen of India and has regularly filed her taxation very sincerely. In her career of two decades, there has been no complaint of tax fraud or any kind of fraud. She has been regular with her payments and has also ensured that everyone gets a fair share of returns from her company.

Now coming to the climax in her life, when she enters the politics of state! Right after she entered politics, she was being heckled under false charges of defrauding brought about by a handful of investors out of lakhs of them! Now it is up to your judgement to what you will think about her.