Symphony of Rumours

Symphony of Rumours

Heera Group of companies is not only just a company but a unity of similar minds. When Dr Nowhera Shaik founded the company back in 1998, she found people with similar mind set-up who cared more about their consumers rather than the profit margin. Those people along with their leader Dr Nowhera Shaik toiled hard and made the company which is the present-day Heera Group, a renowned conglomerate in India. The company grew on with an immensely well reputation for them. All the investors and employees connected with the Heera Group have appreciated them for this reputation.

Branching of Relations

The Network of the company is spread throughout the world. From UAE, and Saudi Arabia to Australia, the company’s network is undoubtedly one of the best. Through these networks, the Heera Group of companies has established good relations with externals for the supply of necessary goods. Good relations are like symphonies. Whenever a note of this symphony is missed the whole thing gets wasted. The missed notes are rumours about the reputation of rival organizations. There are rival organizations that try to take down the Heera Group by wasting their reputation. But the company is no longer quiet.

The correct key

Due to the inability of returning the investment amount to their investors, the Heera Group crew members are working day and night to return their payment. Meanwhile, some people have spread the rumour that Dr Nowhera Shaik is running away from Bangalore to avoid investors. The employees have fired back by showing the documents publicly that say the company have provided the important documents of properties worth nine hundred crores to the honourable Supreme court for the payments. If she was to cheat the investors she would never give the documents to the highest justice in India.

People were misguided but now when the truth is in front of them, they are keeping faith in Dr Nowhera Shaik. The symphony was wasted but the correct key has been pressed.