The Charitable Life of Miss Nowhera Shaik

The Charitable Life of Miss Nowhera Shaik

Ever since it’s independence in 1947, India is infamous for its drastically low ratio women entrepreneurs and businesswomen compared to their male counterparts. Fortunately, one woman was here to change that.
Miss Nowhera Shaik, the CEO of the Heera Group, one of Asia’s largest chain of companies and the president of the All India Mahila Empowerment Party, took the world by storm when she took over the Indian Market as the Nation’s first ever self-made woman billionaire.
Being an entrepreneur, she faced a lot of criticism at first, but as things started to progress, she slowly but surely managed to gather a lot of loyal supporters. Nowhera Shaik credits all of her success and fame to these loving followers who stood with her through thick and thin during desperate times of crisis.

Nowhera Shaik’s Childhood Struggles

She herself is from a Muslim family living in an orthodox locality where it would be miraculous to consider a woman being successful as an entrepreneur. She has witnessed first-hand how difficult life as an aspiring businesswoman India can be.
It is for this very reason that till this day, she stays loving and humble to all those she comes across. With all the fame, glory and wealth she has at her disposal, she decided to do something that would benefit those just like her as a child, those in need to some financial support.

Nowhera Shaik and Philanthropy

Owing to this, she picked up the life of a philanthropist. She created her own foundation for education and women welfare, donated large chunks of her wealth to multiple NGOs and camps, and even entitled 2% of her company’s annual profit to provide financial aid to dislodged farmers and peasants.
She states that no matter what, she will always do her best in trying to provide for those in need and irrespective of what people think of her, she has her loyal followers and Allah to depend upon and look to for help.