The End of the Legal Battle of Heera Group

The End of the Legal Battle of Heera Group

A case that has been dragged unnecessarily for the last couple of years is finally getting the verdict from the apex form of jurisdiction the country can offer. The Heera Group case that was hanging around for years is finally going to get the result it deserves. The Heera Group under the leadership of Dr Nowhera Shaik has asked the court to release the properties that have been seized by them without any proper notice. The properties were seized under a valid reason; but when it has been proven wrong, there’s no point in keeping it seized.

The current situation

The company has informed the court that they are ready to produce the nine hundred crores worth of property to the court to clear all the dues of the investors once they are given back their belongings. This comes after the TSFSL failed to give a report draft to the court. The court has given them the task of collecting the data of the claimants so that the verified ones are paid back. The time limit is given to them and they have been unable to show a single report. The court has instead decided to let the Heera Group and the SFIO collaborate and collect the data. The company has decided to have a group of retired officials look after the case.

It was written in the group’s membership documents, where the nineteenth point states that if a member thinks of discontinuing, then the documents and receipts must be returned to the company. This is why no fresh claimants are being entertained and any recent application is scrutinized.

The Celebration

The company is ready with their properties of Tolichowki which is worth nine hundred crores, which will help to satisfy the dues of the verified claimants. The company is in a celebratory mood. The employees are organizing a felicitation to congratulate Dr Nowhera Shaik. It has been stated as the victory of the truth and the pure morale of their leader.