The Mismanagement of COVID 19 Second Wave

The Mismanagement of COVID 19 Second Wave

The Mismanagement of COVID 19 Second Wave in India

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COVID-19 data manipulation of second wave in India costed many lives. Mr Kishor Mehta struggled to breathe after 4 days of his coronavirus symptom. But the hospital couldn’t admit him because there were no beds available, not a single one. Mr Mehta would have been alive today if only he was supported with an oxygen cylinder and a hospital bed. 

  India, a nation of 130 crore people, the largest democracy in the world, failed to prepare for the ongoing second wave that the doctors And researchers were warning us about since 2019. The union government had a whole year to prepare. but all the Indian people got is the scarcity of basic healthcare components like oxygen cylinders and hospital beds. 

When the Corona virus first hit India, the situation of healthcare services wasn’t this bad. So the question is, what went wrong? Should a nation with the second largest population had better prepared for the second wave? There were a few reasons why the infection rate of the second wave was more severe.

The indifference and overconfidence of the central government was the primary reason for the unprepared state of the nation. Instead of planning an effective outline to manage the second wave, The ruling party focused on winning the state elections, conducting rallies with hundreds of people without taking any precautions. The numbers of cases surged the most after the elections.

When the first wave ended, the healthcare services focused on tackling the other medical emergencies which took a backseat during the first wave. The COVID-19 facilities turned back to facilitate non-COVID medical emergencies.  

   Increase of oxygen export and 193 million doses of vaccines to other countries. Justifying this action by saying India was in the ‘Endgame’ of the Pandemic point. Which failed the disastrous management of a fatal pandemic, due to which thousands of lives lost.