The Shocking Revelation

The Shocking Revelation

The significance of politics in India has been always questioned. There’s a dark side of the political system that has never been publicly revealed. Today with a shocking turn of events, the Heera Group case has revealed the dark side of the Indian political system. On the 7th September hearing of the case, it has been revealed that Mr Asaduddin Owaisi and Mr Shahbaz Ahmed Khan launched defamation against the company due to which the company and their employees are suffering till today. The case caused thousands of investors to shed their tears for a long time for three years.

The Darkest Side

The Heera Group case left only one question who’s the first one to ignite the fire of misinformation? The person has been revealed and it’s none other than Mr Asaduddin Owaisi, the Member of Parliament from the AIMIM Party. He was the first person to file an FIR against the company back in 2018. He was a follower of Mr Shahbaz Ahmed Khan another leader of the AIMIM Party who started a group called Heera Group Victim Association which was a crew of people against Dr Nowhera Shaik and her team. It has been found that all these things were done due to a political grudge.

Silver Lining

Back in 2018, Dr Nowhera Shaik filed a defamation of Rs. 100 crores against Mr Asaduddin Owaisi and Rs. 10 crores against Shahbaz Ahmed Khan. Since then nobody stood beside Mr Khan. It has been reported that he’s involved in committing a double murder and thus he’s away from India hiding in the United States of America. The former council of them were broken down while during the session in the Court a new council appeared and prevented the Council of Dr Nowhera Shaik to present an proof memo. There was a huge mess created between the two councils outside the court. They tried to delay the case but the court rejected this appeal and told Mr Khan to be present at the next hearing in November or they’ll lose their defamation. 

The Heera Group did today what many failed to do that’s revealing the dark side of the house you’re living in.