Who is to blame for increasing cases of drug addiction in India?

Who is to blame for increasing cases of drug addiction in India?

Drug addiction cases have been increasing rapidly in the country. Drug intake evolves into addiction where in an individual compulsively seeks and uses drugs despite the adverse effects.
Drug addiction is caused due to several reasons separately or acting together. It is human nature to play the blame game rather than finding out the problem and working on it. Studies show that drug addiction in India is widespread and most common in the age group of 15 to 35. When it is about drug addiction, people of all ages tend to find something to blame than find out the actual cause and a solution for the problem. So what are the prime causes of drug addiction in the country?

What causes drug addiction?

Studies show that drug addiction is caused due to peer pressure, societal problems, family issues, low levels of self-awareness, easy availability of drugs and failure.
Sometimes, people try drugs out of sheer curiosity and end up being addicted. Peers, society and family issues oftentimes make people take up drugs. Lower levels of self-esteem and insecurities about mixing with peers or the society increase stress which leads to drug intake. Furthermore, drugs are being available illegally which further spreads the drug menace. Cases of drug addiction have increased considerably that the past decade.

What can be done?

Awareness is the key to reducing drug addiction. Individuals should learn to accept their addiction, only then can they take the responsibility for their actions and work towards healing. Proper guidance from families and educational institutes should be instilled in the minds of our present and future generations, making them understand the adversities of drug addiction. Authorities should keep a check on illegal drug dealing to reduce the easy availability of drugs. Being self-aware will helps a person recognize the reasons for addiction which is the first yet strong step towards recovery.