17 years old man from Odisha sells wife to 55 years old man after marriage

17 years old man from Odisha sells wife to 55 years old man after marriage

A terrific event has shocked all our conscience. A 17-year-old teenager from Odisha sold his 26-year-old wife to a 55-year-old man in Rajasthan. The couple from Odisha went to Rajasthan to work in a brick kiln. They got work in a brick kiln in the south-eastern district of Rajasthan named Baran. The district is also close to Madhya Pradesh.

It was a 55-year-old man in Baran that the 17-year-old guy ‘sold’ his wife to! According to police reports, she was ‘sold’ at 1.8 Lakh rupees. The perpetrator is said to have utilized the money in dining lavishly and buying himself a smartphone. He later returned to his village in Odisha. When asked about his wife by her family, he reasoned that she deserted him.

The girl’s family did not buy this explanation and lodged their complaint against their son-in-law in the local police station. After questioning for a while, the police sent their team to Rajasthan to interrogate further.

According to police sources, it was really difficult to rescue the lady as the villagers reasoned out that she was bought at 1.8 Lakh rupees. She is petrified by the entire situation, just like all of us. The 17-year-old criminal has been taken to juvenile court and has been sent to a correctional home.

The occurrence of such incidents is horrifying as it leaves a blot on the sacred nuptial bond. But to all of our utter shock, this is just one of the thousands of such similar cases occurring daily in India! This is a shocking reality. To the very first place, how can a 17-year-old teenager marry? This is itself illegal.

Selling girls in the border bound regions and especially the states where the population of girls is lesser is a very common trend in India. Police actions must be taken to see how many more women in the village were bought!