Not a single charge could be proved against Nowhera Shaik in court

Not a single charge could be proved against Nowhera Shaik in court

Nowhera Shaik is a familiar name today, not only because of her business and philanthropic activities but because of her fight! A fight that will be remembered for ages to come. A single woman against all odds. A single woman against all fountains of power! Ignoring the raised brows of authorities of power and position, she won victoriously against the oppressors.

Nowhera Shaik was arrested on 14th October 2018 and was taken to Chenchalguda jail in Hyderabad. She was kept there for 9 days. interestingly she was arrested by the police without any prior notification. Nowhera Shaik was amazed at the entire flow of events since then.

A silly charge of fraud of three lakh and fifty thousand was brought against her! such a trifle sum which she could pay in an hour! She is one of the most successful business people from India, a fraud of a few lakhs to her name will disgrace her. Very coincidentally the Lok Sabha elections were approaching near. Lok Sabha elections were to be held in 2019.

From one jail to another, from one police custody to another, from one investigation to another, she was made to go through a series of harassment. She got to know that she was being jailed for fraud related to her company investors. She has an investor base of a few lakhs spread all across the globe.

Out of her existing customer base, only a handful of 20 registered complaints of fraud. All the charges levelled against her could not be proven at the court. The only question that remains is that is it so simple to harass any businessman anytime?

After a long legal battle of 3 years, she finally overcame the odds and emerged victoriously! Her fight will be remembered by everyone. She will be remembered for her fearlessness and patience in the coming ages.