Nowhera Shaik – a woman like her is a motivation to others

Nowhera Shaik – a woman like her is a motivation to others

Nowhera Shaik is the iconic example for lots of industrious ladies who aspire to become successful in their life. She says, “when life gives you lemons, you ought to turn it into lemonade”. She always knew that life is never smooth. If you get up in the morning as the country’s head one day, there is no guarantee that the upcoming day will be the same. You may lose the position of the chief and everything which you possessed as life has the rule.

You should stick to a specific ideology if you are starting to be victorious in life. The most valiant attribute one can have is the attribute of embracing. There is the point where people give in because life may appear prejudiced for some time, but in the long term, for example of Dr Nowhera Shaikh, ministerial retaliation turned her life into a living abyss. 

Nowhera Shaik lives a very simple life and calling her a sensible woman is not even a bit of amplification. She has reached the zenith of success but continues to be modest. Shaik was born into a family of wretched poverty but never considered giving up her dreams to make the world a better place for women. There were lots of days in her childhood when she had no idea how they would sustain the following day without food. 

In short, we should encourage her wisdom and courage to face odd times fearlessly. She has one of those rare abilities to bear all kinds of terrible hardships without panic. She is the only person who can at present break social norms of Muslim society and actively work for the betterment of Muslim women by imparting education to them and helping them to gain financial independence.