Nowhera Shaik’s journey from the streets of Tirupati

Nowhera Shaik’s journey from the streets of Tirupati

Nowhera Shaik’s journey – What seems impossible today may seem to be the most possible thing tomorrow. Future needs to be created, it is never easy but aren’t easy things cliché? Nowhera Shaik throughout her life has neglected to be the cliché! She has never feared the struggles and pain. She considered it a part of her work and thus never felt that it would not lead her somewhere.

When she first conceived the idea of establishing the Heera Group as a company offering multiple services, she had barely imagined that she will be running a chain of 1000 crore businesses in the years to come. The years of struggle made her more disciplined and dedicated towards her work.

After the political fiasco, when she was made the prey of a political game, the Heera Group suffered a lot. As per the Heera Group Updates, the company is doing pretty well after its reopening. The company statistics project it as one of the fastest emerging companies in the business sector.

Nowhera Shaik belongs to the streets of Tirupati, a place where she had been struggling since her initial days. Her entire life story has made her a lady of steel. The streets of Tirupati is where her tales began from. Her tales were then extended to different parts of the country with the services of her company. Nowhera Shaik was very sure that her fate will change someday. Hard work can never go in vain. She worked hard from dawn to dusk just to establish her brand in global brand foot and indeed she is successful in turning her business into a reputed online one which has a huge market hold in several services. She is a hustler! She is a genuine human being! She knows how to turn each stone into a Heera, and perhaps that is why she is the Nowhera!

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